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Consider one of these six scenarios for your next Tabletop Exercise: 1. Note that the crisis leader has the final say if there are conflicting . Ahead of full-scale exercises, local businesses, law enforcement agencies, and news organizations are typically notified and often given roles to play as well. Exercise Conduct. . Z hVMo1q)S{B*rC]! Introduction: The tabletop exercise is a meeting to discuss a simulated emergency situation. Discussion questions are meant to initiate dialogue among exercise participants; additional discussion beyond questions is encouraged. choose the facilitation strategy that matches your goal and objectives. They are designed to familiarize team members with emergency response, business continuity and crisis communications plans and their roles and responsibilities as defined in the plans. An after-action report that documents suggestions for improvement should be compiled following the exercise and copies should be distributed to management and others. A tabletop exercise is distinct from an emergency drill, however. The objective of the tabletop exercise is to strengthen the overall response plan and review associated response procedures through guided discussion of one or more emergency scenarios. Only use 911 for an emergency. endstream endobj 98 0 obj <> endobj 99 0 obj <> endobj 100 0 obj <>stream (n.d.). exercise agenda. The purpose of this tabletop exercise is to facilitate a discussion between Health Center emergency management peer group members about how they would continue operations at a secondary site after a fire at their Health Center site. The first question to ask yourself is whether a tabletop exercise is appropriate for your organization. 3 0 obj These resources were produced with input, advice, and assistance from the exercise planning team, which followed the guidance set forth through FEMA HSEEP. Post-incident critiques often confirm that experience gained during exercises was the best way to prepare teams to respond effectively to an emergency. Joint Commission Sentinel Event Alert June 3, 2010 . Worker-on-worker violence, belligerent patients or customers, and active shooters make the news every day now. With this type of exercise, the more real the experience can be for participants, the better. . m ppt/slides/_rels/slide6.xml.relsJ0FP "bTpind8\2_nwd>]SY+ :l/mxuELh%jgIL4("Sl08@#sl\01c;bO.,V u.O'R!Vi'y0LlCa`l5`4K`IFZ'Q_2q P1s|?ho 9spU Here are some ideas that might play out at your organization: Ransomware, phishing attacks, malware, system vulnerabilities, and other digital issues can lead to data breaches and devastate your security posture. Definition (s): A discussion-based exercise where personnel with roles and responsibilities in a particular IT plan meet in a classroom setting or in breakout groups to validate the content of the plan by discussing their roles during an emergency and their responses to a particular emergency situation. Josh Fruhlinger is a writer and editor who lives in Los Angeles. Scenario Event 1 Several hospital rooms and offices are damaged. . Tabletop Exercise Major Earthquake. Longer and more involved incident response exercises such as Hybrid or Live can run for several days. 7898 0 obj <>stream rules of, Simple Tabletop Exercise Objectives: - . Depending on the tabletop exercises objectives and scope, they may require a few hours or multiple days. Preparedness program exercises enhance knowledge of plans, improve performance, and identify opportunities to improve capabilities to respond to real events. 1) This is a facilitated tabletop exercise. evaluate chemical supply alternatives determine interdependencies between the. A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. Calls to 9-1-1 change from a fire in the mall to shots fired with people down. The Fire Drill and Demonstration Exercise: Preparation That Saves Lives. [y n:kl:Q$1nH*kmF}N!VvUNf9W(L3dx8K:nJn;C5f|I PK ! APPLAUSE. An enhanced tabletop exercise is an interactive exercise that helps test the capability of an organization to respond to a realistically simulated crisis. Hot wash Players feedback Evaluator feedback Group discussion Suggestions for improvement, 2023 SlideServe | Powered By DigitalOfficePro, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - E N D - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -. Will Crespo. ~ T] ppt/slides/_rels/slide4.xml.relsj0ERJ,@i-R_AC],u5:sr3|aYAKVPqRN=%1EA'tU__-QCb|$b}Jh 2)C=4tAa-o)Lvm|rMGZpera1nP*+mGq}& eF`Sb3l}J-N-.~|Wo PK ! The duration of a tabletop exercise depends on the audience, the topic being exercised and the exercise objectives. Cyber Tabletop Exercises& Lessons Learned David Dumas, CISSP, CISM ISSA New England Chapter Board Member ISSA Distinguished Fellow February 18, 2014. And The Continuity Advisor has a helpful template that you can use to create after-action reports once the exercise is done. Of course, youll also need to document your processes for reporting emergencies, unplanned business disruptions, and other critical events. Exercises should be designed to engage team members and get them working together to manage the response to a hypothetical incident. 2>Qe-nN~Uq`YopJ[XQ **S~ \+l~;SmpKom0cAJda-U! Use these scenarios as the basis for tabletop exercises. Pre-Tabletop Exercise Overview Participants should be well versed in local and state plans, policies, and procedures prior to the exercise. They often include participation from local businesses. For instance, participants in a tabletop exercise might have the goal of figuring out how to restore your organization's databases as quickly as possible in the wake of a disaster. This exercise is designed to test the preparedness of the district/school to respond to a multi-agency, multi-site emergency event. local, WARN Tabletop Exercise - . First aid. 4 0 obj coming from the Nike outlet, #500. A fire in your business can be debilitating, and a fire evacuation plan is effective only when employees know what they need to do. For many businesses, this type of focused preparation starts with creating an emergency plan. Members of the campus review and discuss the actions they would take in a particular emergency, testing their emergency plan in an informal, low-stress environment. Review and update the ERP annually. Z }tE PZ0?\>?_g+LuTQ+ JWo> OV,"`xm8V>h1S\L.1L4d?V 78-pe** 6{@5($op Lb|#X:!<8f1~pp9rN\5BNU,eC+ u Here are a few scenarios to get you started preparing your employees for functional emergency response efforts. Review the risk assessment and program performance objectives. If its not evident already, we strongly recommend tabletop exercises and believe thatwhen used effectivelythey can dramatically improve any organizations emergency preparedness and response plans. 2) This is meant to be a plausible scenario with events occurring as presented. . Explore our comprehensive library of free resources for your business. Copyright B.S. Tabletop exercises can help prepare your company for big emergencies on a small budget and be modified to fit any scenario. Let's focus for a moment on one element here: the objectives of the exercise. For leaders, tabletop exercises also provide peace of mind and confidence that key personnel are adequately trained and prepared for critical events, which can drastically improve response times, potentially saving lives and protecting the business from significant losses. Cyber extortion is an increasingly common scenario that can have many negative impacts for your organization, both operationally and from a public relations perspective. This discussion is usually conducted by a trained facilitator who guides the team through multiple scenarios and determines their readiness or potential gaps in their response process. Do work that makes a difference we're hiring! . 3. m ! But the overall objective of conducting the exercise is to stress-test the organization's disaster recovery plan and see if teams know how to best work together in the face of unexpected problems. (U}HOVW4[>[_uosrNF'xNpNpNpNHHHHHHHH9s|;9s|;vq({k>DmmckFPC~*4Gg? ppt/slides/_rels/slide15.xml.relsJ0FP "bTpind8\2_nwd>]SY+ :l/mxuELh%jgIL4("Sl08@#sl\01c;bO.,V Official websites use .gov It begins by laying out the big-picture responsibilities of the facilitator: The guide also provides tips on involving all participants and controlling and sustaining the action. m ppt/slides/_rels/slide9.xml.relsJ0FP "bTpind8\2_nwd>]SY+ :l/mxuELh%jgIL4("Sl08@#sl\01c;bO.,V Like in theater, exercising your IR plan can help make sure that opening night, in case you ever have oneand chances are that you willgoes as smoothly as possible. (Me7~a242D@HlgR4F"){BF@k![([x;ouqkf_kO61{w-[vxOO)3xi$ ` ]) Closing Gaps - Designate a person to take notes of related action items to be assigned to specific individuals. Tabletop exercises are a low-cost yet highly effective method for evaluating emergency plans, responses, and roles in a stress-free environment. To lay down the scenario that is being played at the start of the exercise. Learn more about the leading organizations and teams we support. Your hospital has sustained moderate to severe damage. Use tabletop exercises to make sure your company isnt caught off guard again. Tabletop Exercise Introduction. nK[!0WH'?[-h,t }|-14-8Q/SuZp ~a >~uJgcGP6kpcpL8da:&}y$}aH_c$H+AB&Hq `D2GK@N eX;q+3+hO@%NLqMFTo@o?zw:V/_"RD#mDxo5=k5 "2 zV~Y'lR#\y>e~-PbF/y!KG]u&.w~?st?tnUv V@'e3+],7yenD\8; 2P1,j3tB7z|6vNGMf^}gGmEi+x:9mL|z!T/#8GfSqZg_g!2Q8:crL,nUj I(#8C'$6Y.eao'mrM.^$wSXx#(xnX"n*,~~GWg/azRvI]#| zZuJ!rW#_Le[)a=)n0I&%Gx#^HY-6U?d>]I|_LPk)"E{rE6uvk?|{s0I>EEE oi7VUUUU[3V,jT%Yul\81dcCC#C]VVc./I^CU#UGt FIRE DRILL PROCEDUR E 2. The Exercise Guide upon which this sample is based was produced with input, advice, and assistance from a local planning team that followed guidance set Community-wide tabletop exercise templates which include: A Tabletop Exercise Player Handbook Template (Word) and a Tabletop Exercise Player Briefing Template (PowerPoint) Tabletop Exercise Scenario Example 2: Cyber Extortion. The Center for Internet Security offers six scenarios that can put your cybersecurity team through the paces: The document linked above has some great details on how these scenarios would play out in a tabletop exercise and what questions you'd pose to your participants. Download our product guide to learn more about our capabilities and what sets us apart. Structure fires. ppt/slides/_rels/slide18.xml.relsJ0FP "bTpind8\2_nwd>]SY+ :l/mxuELh%jgIL4("Sl08@#sl\01c;bO.,V Many tabletop exercises can be conducted in a few hours, so they are cost-effective tools to validate plans and capabilities. practice decision-making in the absence of critical information consider the, Active Shooter Tabletop Exercise - . Have your team act out the scenario and go through every step of your plan. 2023 Alert Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. According to the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP), a tabletop exercise is just one of four different types of exercises that are used to evaluate emergency plans and procedures: Use a walkthrough for basic team training so they can begin to familiarize themselves with their roles and responsibilities. It is important to organise TTX sessions for your workplace colleagues. IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE U;=eVb$$AEazoDrC?$:g_]Du\ M. When conducting tabletop exercises, a facilitators most important responsibility is to move the discussion forward and, if needed, engage participants who may hang back from expressing their thoughts. Thankfully, tabletop exercises are a great tool that provides employee safety and business continuity leaders with a low-cost but high-impact way of determining emergency preparedness before a crisis occurs. Tabletop exercises are a flexible tool for emergency planners everywhere, for any potential situation. d E ppt/slides/_rels/slide1.xml.relsj0E}$PJlJ!UH?`@RBU&(]]. ^B`U \k' 3eOMXQmR|0_j$HNZ"]lDe@`z 8G ;U/w"u51*8Go@M{F,dno3x~ PK ! `b! " Tabletop exercises can be used to practice any kind of emergency response. All scenarios and role-playing for this course will be done with "inert" guns and/or guns modified to fire only non-lethal cartridges. 1 0 obj ^.|Vn{at8Lq (PDF) (Doc) Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program After Action Report/Improvement Plan Worksheet. ppt/slides/_rels/slide17.xml.relsJ0FP "bTpind8\2_nwd>]SY+ :l/mxuELh%jgIL4("Sl08@#sl\01c;bO.,V endstream endobj 7899 0 obj <>stream Please complete the form below to receive this resource. Professors continue to work and prepare for the beginning of the fall semester . A disgruntled . Three sample tabletop exercise scenarios. As he went through the list of departments in the company, it became obvious that everyone had some role in preventing or responding to a ransomware attack. Public buildings with an occupant load of more than 200 persons in which a Fire Certificate is issued. While much of this document focuses on a specific tabletop exercise the state runs to prepare for a catastrophic hurricane, the first few pages provide valuable tips on leading a tabletop exercise that are applicable to any topic area. An official website of the United States government. m_{fhzOO%$7hcP|. Many counties in California participate in the Statewide Medical Health Exercise , which occurs in . communications, warning, notifications and equipment set-up). Fire fighting and rescue Fire fighting and Rescue Procedure List of fire fighting and rescue equipment Clean up Operations Clean up Procedure . Listen to recent episodes of The Employee Safety Podcast by AlertMedia. During a tabletop exercise, key personnel with emergency management roles and responsibilities gather to discuss various simulated tabletop exercise scenarios. |t!9rL'~20(H[s=D[:b4(uHL'ebK9U!ZW{h^MhwuV};GoYDS7t}N!3yCaFr3 PK ! Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Explosive (CBRE) Crisis Management. . NContracts has a good guide on running an effective tabletop business continuity planning exercise, which includes understanding your dependencies on specific vendors and potentially looping them into any damage control scenarios. Industrial premises which require a Fire Safety Manager (FSM) and satisfy any of these criteria: 1) floor area or site area of at least 5,000 square metres; 2) occupant load of at least 1,000 persons, According to SCDF regulations, it is the duty of owners or occupiers of the specified building types to, Prepare the ERP within 6 months from the commencement of the Fire Safety Amendment Act, Prepare the ERP in accordance with the guidelines issued by SCDF, Form a Fire Safety Committee to plan and conduct fire safety programmes including fire evacuation drills and table-top exercises, Fire Safety Manager (where required by regulations for certain building premises), 2 evacuation drills and 2 table-top exercises are required to be conducted annually, However, for those premises which do not require the appointment of Fire Safety Manager (FSM), only 2 evacuation drills will have to be conducted annually, Fire Drill and Demonstration: Table-top exercise (TTE), Scenario-driven exercise for participants to derive solutions to likely scenarios of emergencies in the building, BSE partners with the coordinating committee of the building premises to assist in, Managing the Fire Alarm System and other associated fire-fighting equipment and systems, Conducting a Fire Demonstration using common fire-fighting equipment. EDS Security Tabletop Exercise - . Fire Exits. Workplace and residential fires are some of the most common causes of injury and death, but you can nail down your fire evacuation plan with thoughtful exercise planning. 7 Types of Exercises Orientation Meetings: Inform about emergency operations plans an emergency procedures (1-2 hours to do, 2+ days to plan). Larry started by making a list of participants. A Fire at a FACHC Site Tabletop Exercise. With some preparation and foresight, this low-cost planning tool can help your organization better prepare for any emergency, communicate faster during critical events, and take action with confidence. Training is a critical step in being prepared to respond to real cybersecurity incidents. tell about yourself, Simple Tabletop Exercise Objectives: - . As the program matures, consider holding a functional exercise. hb```f``rd`a``Kbd@ AV da8` hP; AQGF[7Jf\38ZAOnN3^xM;X#X3u/}F"B^>dQWCOwr\ AX1R4ZVd/o,MAR@ d0fCP * Pz@EAd1H6&i/"aCGrn5ui%gT !m\H3q;00MU b Facilitators should control the pace and flow of the exercise. This sample table -top exercise and guide is based on similar exercises used by North Carolina health care facilities to prepare for responding to natural disasters and other emergencies. Click the blue shield icon on the bottom left of your screen to edit your cookie preferences. [Exercise Name] Tabletop Exercise - . Prepare an after-action report that includes documentation of the exercise along with areas of potential improvement. Most are led by a facilitator who guides the conversation and captures lessons learned. Following the exercise, there will be a debriefing time, aka a "Hot Wash". Z IDATx^[D6:x(jP4xxc4(c|0>\ NU1J?c.BMnf=SwnT}?!D!%Q~rE\u,C%]HrB` \>+2/pEf'3lp/v+8[raa pmLOf LOfS%G%7.1=aK60=aK60=aK[)Uy#NQyYda=2cZm|UQ%HaZUH4sG PG;w@ {: u$CwH>P HtTG|}\0&>H P#>T)z{-,OzQo,vI$~vZ6B@/ =&o \; *u Welcome and Introductions. ",#(7),01444'9=82. vzkqz7l/}?"gqQOe=l\]erOTjut Narrative. [y n:kl:Q$1nH*kmF}N!VvUNf9W(L3dx8K:nJn;C5f|I PK ! Recommended for: Operations team, CERT members, Fire Wardens and Fire Safety Committee members. [y n:kl:Q$1nH*kmF}N!VvUNf9W(L3dx8K:nJn;C5f|I PK ! Z evaluate er preparedness and crisis management develop a procedure to. egin the exercise by reading out the main points of the scenarios presented earlier. Because the environment of a tabletop exercise is non-threatening, exercise participants can calmly rehearse their roles, ask questions, and troubleshoot problem areas. h1n0 xfl#!iVhU Tabletop exercises cant perfectly replicate the sense of real-time urgency your team will experience in an emergency, so they arent a true test of what your team can do operationally in the heat of the moment. Once youve put your plan to the test, look back on what went well, what went wrong, and what youd like to change for next time. Identify probable scenarios for emergencies and business disruption. Emergency Plan should only be endorsed and approved . We recommend using a mass notification system from a provider such as AlertMedia to reach employees on any device through various channels. dean correia, emeritus faculty security executive council national food service, Simple Tabletop Exercise Objectives: - . ppt/slides/_rels/slide12.xml.relsJ0FP "bTpind8\2_nwd>]SY+ :l/mxuELh%jgIL4("Sl08@#sl\01c;bO.,V Sofia Dermisi. Tabletop Exercise: Scenario Presentation and Group Discussion. Engineering Co. Pte. [y n:kl:Q$1nH*kmF}N!VvUNf9W(L3dx8K:nJn;C5f|I PK ! The document also outlines much of what you'd need to actually run these exercises in your organization. stream tabletop exercise, including the afteraction review, can typically be conducted in a two to four hour session. Instead of derailing the exercise, stay engaged and try to accept the limits of the chosen scenario. Scenario Event 7 Patients, visitors, and staff express fears for their personal safety. $.' Background: The VTTX is a series of Virtual Tabletop Exercises that are offered monthly by the Emergency Management Institute (EMI). Hurricane Tabletop Exercise. Increased personnel responsibilities, reduced staffing, and cost constraints make it challenging to ensure that effective tabletop drills are conducted. Follow the steps included in this template to conduct simulated exercises that test your organizations emergency response procedures. Read stories from AlertMedia customers about keeping their people safe. What kind of establishments require an ERP? Be sure to maintain a relaxed, open environment so everyone feels comfortable asking questions. A phishing attack exposes a zero-day vulnerability. Walkthroughs, workshops and orientation seminars are basic training for team members. 8 0 [Content_Types].xml ( o 'xbBu]$l6 Yl'S9u[%wA6LV`P2#,d m ! ?3 TWRc {q IENDB`Fd Ar]I The atmosphere is collegial and exploratory, and is not meant to put participants in the mindset they'd have during a disaster. [y n:kl:Q$1nH*kmF}N!VvUNf9W(L3dx8K:nJn;C5f|I PK ! <> PowerPoint Presentation Author: ICFI Last . An exercise is a simulation of an emergency situation. For example, if a stairwells small size would hinder an evacuation, this might be overlooked in a simple tabletop exercise. m ! <> Tabletop Exercise Hazardous Materials - . Their typically formal structure may lull some participants into thinking emergency planning and emergency response are always simple and straightforward, which is especially dangerous when dealing with cyberattacks that prey on unsuspecting employees. WQ,5k=LP|YIuV;Bn7;EL0!8N>:G'":l!*"/,2k#/,:.PK"wWCdQC+. For this type of exercise, a scenario is given, such as a specific hazard or a critical business systems failure. A facilitated hot wash discussion held at the end of an exercise is a great way to solicit feedback and identify suggestions for improvement. also create Fire Safety Committees for planning and conducting the fire safety activities described in the plan like table top exercises and evacuation drills. Imagine what would happen if this particular emergency/incident occurred in real life. Cybercrime is a pandemic with repercussions that could drive . You can get this template for free now. There are some templates available to you to help get you started. (Accessed 1/7/2020.) After all, if the organization discovers a weakness in their defenses or problem with their processes in the course of the exercise, that can be thought of as a good thingbetter to figure that out during an exercise than a real crisis, after all. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. Many are downloadable. Tabletop Exercise Introduction Introduction of players How the exercise will be played Questions and answers. Z Z Scenario Event 6 Main water supply to the hospital is interrupted. Post-incident critiques often confirm that experience gained during exercises was the best way to prepare teams to respond effectively to an emergency. [y n:kl:Q$1nH*kmF}N!VvUNf9W(L3dx8K:nJn;C5f|I PK ! (PDF) (Doc) Checklists. hVYo1+~LTQJ$(KJ d=I(H One important thing to keep in mind, as the State of Massachusetts's own emergency preparedness division points out, is that tabletop exercises are not meant to be a test or a competition. Develop a script for the exercise, including surprise elements. Provide tools and guides to boost learning, finding resources that feed the needs revealed by the exercise's outcome. PowerPoint Presentation Author: . You will hear the alarm bells ring three times 3. The EDS tabletop exercises cover 8 key planning areas and provide the necessary tools to carry out the exercise. schedule: exercise briefing scenario, Tornado Tabletop Exercise - . We've been talking largely in generalities here so far. For instance, the State of Oregon used tabletop exercises to game-plan potential responses to shifts in the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. . Tabletop ExerciseBomb Threat - Explosion Division for Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, and Institutional Research. Packages; Solutions . ?jw /vV-`%^E\qDR^okp"-sL 8:30mingling over breakfast 8:30 ? One of the big keys is to watch for signs of frustration and conflict. Planning for an unknown future can be overwhelming. A Foodborne Terrorism Tabletop Exercise - Schedule. Tabletop Exercise PowerPoint Slides. Tabletop Exercises vs. Drills. Copyright 2021 IDG Communications, Inc. Tabletop Exercise. 4. 4. Simple Tabletop Exercise Objectives: - . These exercises can also be tailored specifically to any situation. Active Shooter Tabletop Exercise. E.g. In particular, junior staffers need to be given space to comment in front of management, so try to include everyone on an equal footing. Call or email us today to arrange for a Fire Drill and Demonstration Exercise at your building premises! These correspond to the time before, during, and after the exercise takes place, but you'll need to plan in advance to make sure each step comes off properly in practice. m ppt/slides/_rels/slide2.xml.relsJ0FP "bTpind8\2_nwd>]SY+ :l/mxuELh%jgIL4("Sl08@#sl\01c;bO.,V Activities for a functional exercise are scenario-driven, such as the failure of a critical business function or a specific hazard scenario. A typical tabletop for ICS can run from 2-3 hours to 1-2 days. The document you requested has been sent to your provided email address. These are typically activities meant to test a specific procedure or set of desired actions under a safety officer or other personnels direct supervision. PrepToolkit provides emergency management . The following is a list of the major elements involved in planning for a tabletop exercise: Identify the stakeholders who will participate in the exercise. During the Tabletop Exercise: Have Clear Objectives and Follow the Schedule. ", a take on tabletop exercises from Bruce Potter that combines a traditional cybersecurity approach with elements from tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. % Narrative A 7.2-magnitude earthquake occurs along a fault zone approximately 50 miles from your hospital. The VTTX program was launched in September of 2012 as an initiative to leverage technology and reach a large training audience. 97 0 obj <> endobj evaluate chemical and communication alternatives determine interdependencies, Facilitating a Tabletop Exercise - . tabletop exercise (TTX), so in developing Agency's (FEMA) TTXs are free, pre-pack and come complete with a facilitator Virtual News Network video injects. . [insert logo here]. An incident response tabletop exercise is the equivalent of a cybersecurity fire drill. This exercise PowerPoint presentation can be used with staff from federally qualified health centers to help them discuss continuity of operations and communications with patients, staff, and outside organizations after a fire . Scenario Event 4 The ED and outpatient surgical rooms have sustained heavy damage. Conduct a walkthrough or orientation session to familiarize team members with the preparedness plans. A tabletop exercise, by contrast, is played out, as the name implies, around a table, with participants responding to the leader's prompts and description of a scenario with suggestions drawn from their organization's emergency plans. The State of New York has a great facilitator guide for tabletop exercises. A tabletop exercise observer is typically in the room to passively follow the proceedings and provide an additional perspective about topics outside your participants direct purview or expertise. what did michael peters choreographer, addicks park and ride schedule, christopher atkins 2021,